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From foundational core investment strategies that serve as the bedrock of your portfolio to enhanced approaches aimed at optimizing returns, reducing volatility, and mitigating downside risk, the spectrum of strategies offered varies in objective, style, and outcome. However, underlying them all is a consistent philosophy centered on a disciplined, rules-based investment process complemented by meticulous quantitative research.

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Enhance Your Core Portfolio

Dynamic Asset Allocation, Defined Outcome, and Options Overlays are designed to improve investment returns, generate yield, minimize volatility, and limit downside risk.


Build Your Foundation

Our core strategies invest in equities and fixed income to serve as the basis of your portfolio.


Cash and cash equivalents can provide liquidity and portfolio stability in a portfolio, as well as valuable diversification and risk management during volatile market conditions.


Equity participation is designed to offer long-term growth potential, diversification of assets, and income generation. Equities may also be a potential hedge against inflation, as companies can often raise prices in response to inflationary pressures, thereby maintaining or increasing their value. 

Fixed Income

Fixed income investments, such as bonds, are used in an investment portfolio primarily to provide stability, income, and diversification. These securities pay regular interest, offering a steady and predictable income stream, which is especially valuable for conservative investors or those nearing retirement. Fixed income investments tend to be less volatile than equities, helping to balance the overall risk of the portfolio. 

Elevate Your Approach

NorthCoast Enhanced Strategies are designed to push the efficient frontier of a core portfolio by improving investment returns, minimizing volatility, and limiting downside risk.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Strategies that invest opportunistically in equities during rising market conditions and reduce equity exposure, moving to cash and equivalents in down-trending markets

Defined Outcome

Structured strategies that help add certainty to your returns, maintaining market participation while protecting against dramatic downside risk

Concentrated Stock

Option overlay strategies designed to manage concentrated equity positions with the goals of reducing risk, generating income, providing downside protection, or executing a tax-efficient liquidation.


Generating yield and creating alpha using options and other non-traditional sources such as private investments

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